Frequently asked questions

A list of all questions people have been asking us.


Who are you?

We are HeavyMelon, a company founded by Petros and Ilias.

Why did you create Supportress?

We were tired of the complexity of similar tools out there. Petros has 9 years of experience working and shaping GitHub Support. We wanted to bring that domain knowledge into a tool that will be simple and fast. We also wanted to lower the prices and make them more fair.

Your company is based in Greece. Can I trust you?

Plain and simple, yes! Greece is one of the first members of the European Union (EU). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the toughest privacy and security law in the world and we are fully compliant with it as a company. Check out our privacy policy to learn how.

Can you tell me more about trust?

Trust is our number one goal. We believe in it. We want to run a business that is based on trust as one of its foundational principles.

Why didn't you move to San Francisco?

There is this idea that new technology companies can only thrive in areas like San Francisco. We are a bootstrapped company and we did not seek to get funded. We are creating something our customers want to pay for and that is how we stay in business. Staying in Europe is a strategic choice that helps us lower the costs and keep our prices fair.

Are you hiring?

Not right now, but we will down the road. We want to grow slowly and maintain a sustainable business with every step we take. For now, we continue building the strong foundations upon which the company stands.


Why do you have an early adopter price?

We want to give you an incentive to start using Supportress today, as we add more features over the next few months. We feel better charging early adopters less money. When the range of features increases we'll adjust the normal prices without affecting early adopters.

How does the early adopter price work?

If you sign up between now and when our official launch happens later this year, you will be considered an early adopter and you will have the opportunity to lock a discounted price. You will be able to do that by adding a card and start paying your monthly subscription on your preferred plan. You get to keep this discount for as long as you remain in the plan you have chosen.

Will I be eligible for the early adopter price if my account is inactive?

Only active accounts will be eligible. We want our first users to take advantage of Supportress for their actual support needs. We are eager to listen to your feedback and suggestions and allow us to shape up this tool to accommodate your expectations. When we launch, we will do a simple check on your account for inactivity.

Are the prices final?

The early adopter prices are final. The normal prices are our best effort to be fair to both you and us. Pricing is hard when you don't have all the data yet though. We are leaving the possibility of adjusting the normal prices open. If they do change down the road, we will only apply them to new future sign-ups. This will not affect early adopters.

How can you afford charging a flat price?

We are a bootstrapped company and we grow slow and steadily. That gives us more control over our expenses. We also don't want to make a huge unfair profit at your expense. We want to be profitable of course, but our prices should always be a bargain compared to the value Supportress gives you.

Do I have to add a card?

As an early adopter you don't have to add your card. You can sign up for free. If you like Supportress though, we encourage you to add your card to lock the early adopter price. Don't worry though. We'll notify you before our official launch. That way you will have one last opportunity to lock the discounted price.

What is the catch? Why are you the cheapest?

No catch at all. We want to make a profit but not profiteer. The value you get for the money is also going to increase over time as we add new features.

What happens if I cross your email limits?

Our limits are not hard. This means we are not going to block you from sending an email to support your customers even if you cross the limits. However, we are going to notify you and ask you to upgrade to the next plan if you start crossing the limits consistently.


How is Supportress different than X?

Supportress is simple to learn, simple to use, fast, and has a straightforward price. You cannot find something similar in the market today.

Isn't Supportress immature compared to X?

We have only just begun! We introduce features and improvements on a weekly basis. We are not in a hurry to grow though, because we are doing this for the long run. While we have so many ideas to implement, we want every new feature to make sense for most of our customers. A comparison exercise of Supportress vs. X on a feature-by-feature basis will never be in full alignment. We work hard to make everything rock solid and really easy to use. This is our commitment to you.

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