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As a small company or an independent professional, move to multiple shared email queues and collaborate with your team to support your customers.

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Best helpdesk for small companies

Email based shared queues

Straightforward pricing
All features included across all plans

All features included

No fear of missing out. All plans include all features.

  • No numerous features, plans, and add-ons

    Tired of going through complicated feature comparison pages to decide which plan is best for you and your teams?

  • Everything included!

    All plans have all features. We only limit number of emails and storage to make it fair for you and us.

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Simple to use

A simple and fast UI that boosts your productivity.

  • No complicated usage

    Web-based support tools are notoriously difficult to navigate. They have so many features you need to hire a consultant and train your team before you start using them.

  • Simple and fast!

    We respect the nature of the web. We don't pretend we are a desktop app. We are a web app that allows you to focus on what's important. Crafting the best responses for your customers.

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Straightforward pricing

Flat and fair pricing plans. Never been clearer.

  • No complicated, per seat or hidden prices

    Most customer support tools out there have complicated usage based or per seat paying schemes with hidden costs.

  • Flat and fair prices!

    We have clear, flat and fair prices. No hidden costs. No calling for quotes. We can afford that because we are bootstrapped.

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Early adopter

Enjoy free access until we open up all plans.
Lock the early adopter price before we open up all plans.


A quick rundown of the main features in Supportress. Remember, everything is included.



Organize your support, and allow your customers to start discussions.

  • Organizations

    An organization represents your business. When you sign up you are creating your first organization along with your personal owner account.

  • Queues

    Queues are like your email inboxes. Your new organization starts with a default queue. It's where new customer support requests end up in.

  • Members

    As an owner of an organization in Supportress, you can invite members to it. You can choose to invite your support staff only, but we recommend that you invite all staff. We don't charge per seat 😉

  • Discussions

    Support tickets? Nope. We call them discussions. Because that's what you do. You talk to people, with a human voice. It's not a ticket. It's a discussion.

  • Custom domains SOON

    Set up your own custom domain so that you can send and receive email directly through addresses.



Use queues to represent products, features, support teams and more.

  • Incoming

    Queues are where discussions live. A queue has a unique email address. You share it with your customers. If you want to use an existing support email address you can auto-forward the emails to Supportress.

  • Watch

    Watch a queue, and receive email notifications whenever a new discussion lands. Never miss a new customer discussion.

  • Import a discussion

    Forward any email as an attachment to Supportress, and see a new discussion as if your customer had originally sent it to Supportress.

  • Forms

    Each queue can expose a form through a unique URL. Point your customers to that form if you want them to use Supportress to start new discussions.



Customers start discussions. You finish them.

  • Private & public messages

    Respond to your customers through public messages. Collaborate with your fellow organization members through private messages in a discussion.

  • Watch

    Watch a discussion, and receive email notifications whenever a new message lands. Never miss a customer response.

  • Collapse/Expand messages

    Ever had to deal with long threads? It's not fun navigating those. In Supportress you can collapse/expand individual messages and we remember your choice.

  • Move discussions

    Move a discussion from one queue to another. A discussion may start in the default queue, but it fits the topic of another queue. You can easily move it with a couple of clicks.

  • Mentions SOON

    Mention your fellow organization members in private messages to collaborate.

  • Assignments SOON

    Assign a discsussion to signal you are leading the effort of seeing it through.

All plans have

Flat and fair pricing

Each plan includes all features. We only limit users, queues, and emails.


€5 €7 /month

Best for makers, independent professionals and soloists

  • All features included

  • 1 user

  • 1 queue

  • 300 emails /month

  • Early adopter price

Coming soon


€19 €39 /month

Best for early stage companies ready to take the next step

  • All features included

  • 3 users

  • 3 queues

  • 1000 emails /month

  • Early adopter price

Coming soon


€49 €99 /month

Best for small to medium sized businesses. Invite all your staff

  • All features included

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited queues

  • 10000 emails /month

  • Early adopter price

Coming soon

Early Adopter Plan

Enjoy free access until we open up all plans.
Lock the early adopter price before we open up all plans.

What's included

  • All features

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited queues

  • Unlimited emails

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